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Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a copyright law from Google USA that helps to remove or make a complaint against files from Owner if they are not used wothout owner’s consent. Please follow these steps to files a complaint against any file/Url:

  • URL’s of file that comes under DMC Act.
  • For example www.softwaresegg.com/software-url
  • Name of Owner
  • Website or email address of Owner to Send a Confirmation email.

We do not Host any software to our servers, We always use third party Hosting websites.

Before sending Us any DMCA complain, Just do remember that:

  • You are a real owner of that software
  • You must have a proper email, because DMCA Complaints from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, email accounts will not be entertained.
  • Email Should Clearly Define about your software and a statement of authority.
  • After your email is received we will review it, and Remove that link/file within 24 hours.

Please fill this form to file a complain against any file.



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