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KMSpico Windows 10 and MS Office 2016 Activation Tool

KMSpico Microsoft Office and Windows Activator:

KMSPico v10.1.7 is the most useful, updated and Purely clean windows Activation tool that helps activate All Editions of Windows permanently within few clicks of mouse and few seconds task. This tool was developed by a community of developers to activate All Microsoft products. These Products Include Office 2007, 2010, 2013, Office 365, Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, and Microsoft Windows 8.1, without buying windows license key. This tool helps to easily activate All released editions of Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10 Technical preview Edition. There is no need to involve user for whole process if Activation because all processes takes place in the background. YOu have to run this tool, select activaion and then you are done, because other process will takes place in background, and windows will be activated withni a matter of seconds.

KMSpico screenshot

Some interesting Informations about KMSpico Activator:

KMSpico Activator Also Called KMS (Key Management Service) is a windows activation technology used by Microsoft to activate all Editions of Microsoft windows and Office. This Software is helpful to cheat that activation technology to activate the Microsoft Products very easily. KMS is a technology in which a KMS device activates microsoft products making a call to a KMS server online while connecting to internet to avoid piracy issues that is faced by microsoft.

KMSpico is a tool that was developed by different developers and is used to replace the already provided installation key from Microsoft windows by offering a bulk of Microsoft Windows and Office license keys that makes an big disturbance in KMS server on your PC and then it activates windows or office products by force.

It was very simple to activate Windows 8 by using KMSpico Activator by now microsoft has changed its strategy in windows 8.1 and now it does not permits not localhost activation ( Now there are 3 different strategies used to activate windows 8.1.

  • The first strategy is to inject a DLL for windows 8.1 activation and by using patch process it tries to temporarily bypass the localhost protocol. This activation method is fast and efficient so far.
  • The second strategy to activate windows 8.1 is by using WinDivert service that may be called packet redirector. Its work os only packets capturing and it shows that these packets are from a different IP, so it again tries to didge windows KMS Servers for activation of windows 8.1. This method is based on servers, so it is little bit slower and less efficient.
  • Last method is by installing a TAP driver. In other words it creates a virtual network adapter and shows that activation server for windows is from a different IP. This is time consuming process and not used commonly.

In case of KMS activator, It used bypass method to activate all windows, There may be changes in your firewall’s log, So don’t be panic these are normal changes. This activator is very safe to activate windows and office products and is working efficiently.

One more thing you must remember that KMS activates Windows for 180 days only, and after this period you have to activate windows again. So It might be interesting for you that KMSpico creates an activation service on your system twice a day for resetting KMS Servers.

It this is annoying for you about its activation process then you can also use KMSpico portable version that does not runs as background app and you have to activate windows manually after 180 days.

Frequently Asked Questions about KMSpico Windows Activator:

Can i install Windows Update after using Activator:

Ans: Off course, you can install all windows updates.

Is KMS Permenent Activator?
A: It automatically activates All Windows including 7,8,8.1, Vista and Windows 10 technical preview, so answer is yes.

3. Does it activate Windows for 30 or 45 days?
A: Earlier It was not possible to activate for 30 or 45 days, but now it is possible to activate Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for 30 and 45 days.

4. My anti-virus Program shows it as Virus?
A: The antivirus only shows it as false positive, So dont worry this is fine and clean file.

5. Is there a need of internet connection or It is an Offline activator:
A: This is an offline activator. No need of internet connection.

6. Problems in activation of  Windows 8.1 Evaluation Edition

A: There is simple answer, If you have installed an evaluation version of windows, then use fresh copy of RTM edition. You problem will be solved.

7. Antivirus Does not Allow it to Work:
A: Some antovirus applications block the application, So use exceptions for this application.

I am Seeing a Watermark on My PC screen.
A: Please Reboot your PC.

Features of KMS Windows Activator:

  • This activator is Installed in few clicks of mouse
  • This applications runs in background
  • It is more advanced and developed Version than older versions.
  • No need to use internet connection.
  • Windows activation status can be checked by running Check KMSpico.
  • 180 days re-installation of KMS activator is enabled.

Screenshots of KMS Windows Activation:

Installation ScreenShot

KMSpico installation screenshot

KMSpico screenshot

Activation Method

KMSpico main screen screenshot 1

Activation Proof

KMSpico activation screenshot

CHANGES in KMSpico v10.0.5 (BETA) Latest Version:

  • Bugs have been Fixed with Advanced panel.
  • Layout improved little bit.

Requirements to Run KMS Activator:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is always required. (Windows 8, and 8.1 have Built-in)

This tool can Activate Following Systems:

KMS Activator for Windows Vista:

Now you can activate Bussines edition and Enterprise edition of Windows Vista. This tool can easily activate this window and still  no problem has been reported while using it.

KMS Windows 7 Activator:

This KMS Activator can activate all editions and versions of Microsoft windows 7, including most popular Professional edition and Enterprise edition. No problem has been reported yet.

KMS-pico Windows 8 Activator:

This has been called as Windows 8 Activator, because it can smartely activate all editions of windows 8 easily without any problem reported yet.

Windows 8.1 Activator: 

This tool can also activate all versions and editions of microsoft windows 8.1, if any problems persists please comment below, or see FAQ section of the post.

This tool can also activate Following products:

  • Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9841 All
  • Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013, and also 2016.
  • Windows Server 2008 / 2008R2, and MS Server 2012 / 2012R2


  • Installation in few seconds.
  • Runs in background
  • No internet connection needed.


  • Use of Net Framework that is absent in some systems
  • Antivirus detects it as False Positive
  • More improvements needed

How To Use KMsPico v10.1.7 (For POrtable Version)?

  1. Temporarily Disable Anti-virus Program.
  2. Download KMsPico v10.1.7 and Extract Portable Version
  3. Launch “AutoPico.exe” file.
  4. It’ll Activate Microsoft Windows and Office Automatically.
  5. You are Done.

How To Use KMs-Pico? (For Intaller Version)

  • Disable Antivirus Program.
  • Download KMspico Installer file and Install it.
  • It will run automatically
  • For Some reasons If it doesn’t run auto,  please Go to KMSpico directory of Installation and launch KMSELDI.exe)
  • Press The Red Button in the KMSpico window
  • You are Done,
  • You have activated you Latest Windows and Office.

Download Links for KMsPico v10.1.7:

All Links have been updated. Now you can download KMS Activator With Full Speed. using our VPN Server.

Use alternate link, if any link is not working:

Installer Edition: Download KMSpico 10.1.7 / Mirror

Portable Edition: Download KMspico 10.1.7 / Mirror

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  1. This is Awesome .. keep it Guys

  2. download he nhi ho rha

  3. I have Windows 8.1 Enterprise 90 day evaluation which is running out. Can I replace this with a standard 8.1 without losing any data and then use KMSpico and upgrade to Windows 10 Home Edition?

    I just want to get Windows 10 and use KMSspico but there seem to be problems upgrading from Windows 8.1 Enterprise 90 day evaluation.

    Thanks for a great article

    • No sir, you can not upgrade your windows in this way, if there is upgrading option in your desktop then you can, otherwise you can not upgrade to windows 10, you can also download windows 10 from our website, and install it.

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